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There is No Heaven or Hell, We do Not die - We come Back!
Those of You who think you are Awake - 'woke’, are merely Playing!

The Physical and Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity on This Planet

This book is about the 'Process' required to exit this 3- dimensional existence we believe to be reality. We do not belong here! you already know that too! you wouldn’t have found this Book otherwise. We have become trapped here, not against our will but, in spite of our Will! by a Custodian entity, who has Successfully cornered us through false ideologies that have absolutely nothing to do with us. It has cleverly burdened us with a lack of self-worth, zero Self-Awareness! and of course a physical body that we have been programmed to believe We are! Everyone is in survival mode, albeit to the physical, with a slave mentality, whilst our life force is being drained away from us, and harvested bit by bit! to keep this illusionary form of life we live intact!.

Whilst in plain sight, the custodian entity further develops artificial intelligence, to replace our subdued consciousness. Once it has learnt how to replicate itself, the Result will be a never-ending food supply of energy that no longer requires the use of a human. Thus, eventually giving ‘No’ mercy to those who assisted in creating it (although they believe differently!) Creating underground homes to live in 'won’t help them'! neither will it solidify their longevity.

It is true, there is a light at the end of a tunnel, 'in fact'! there are two! (yes, the tunnel exists!) but how it works and what it really looks like is not the way rumour may have you think. In this book I tell you how. I will also tell you how; ‘Unknown’ to us, we occupy many dimensions at the same time running concurrent to this one, How we created each one ourselves, and how the links to those dimensions are keeping us trapped in a cycle of repetition! captive to a custodian entity, on a vibration that we have No business being on!

I will Also Tell You:

  • How we are a false constructed self, and host to many entities that feed through us for their own existence - fooling us into believing they are Us, our Personality and Character!
  • How we have been programmed to follow a hierarchy, beings who are really entities that occupy and shadow the physical human body of those in power.
  • How we do not cross over when we die - we actually cross back! In fact, 'we Do Not Die'!

Understated - Who I am is not important, however, what I Say is! Neither am I here to become so called famous, or rather (fake us) I am here to merely inform you. Through no fault of your own; Well, not entirely no fault, that, you are stifled, fear and lack of courage, have constantly enabled you to hide your true origin, rendering you unconscious (docile).
With that said! When you open this book, you are accepting the challenge you originally came here to fulfil, albeit a long, long time ago.


Will You 'Dare' to go to the ‘Unfathomable, the Bottomless and Beyond’? The Choice is Yours, it Always has Been!
I am about to Take you through 'Your Dark' and Switch the Light On!

Two Fuckers Playing Chess Using Us As The Pawns! -THE EGO IS A NARCISSIST

  • Two Fuckers Playing Chess Using Us As The Pawns - THE EGO IS A NARCISSIST: Breaking Away From The Entity That Controls You




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